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What Our Customers Say

Pastor Barb Lemke, Bethel Lutheran Church, Aurora CO

Bethel Lutheran Church in Aurora, Colorado has had a website for the last nine years. Prior to using ChristianHost.org, we were hosted by another web hosting company that is well known and used by many churches. While it was seemingly easy in the beginning (while we were at the workshop), we found it difficult, time consuming and more complicated than we had bargained for. We were on the phone continually with technical support in the first few years and after awhile the calls became cumbersome and we stopped calling support because it was too overwhelming and time consuming. What happened as a result was a lack of upkeep on our website as no one wanted to deal with the difficulties. Our website became in disarray, dates were not current and no one wanted to even “try” as it was “easier said than done.”

We made the decision to switch to a new web hosting company, ChristianHost.org, and have been exceedingly happy with our decision. We are a part of the “Bishop” package which gives us a great amount of visibility in the cyber world and many different options at our fingertips. We have also added the mobile connection into the package, which easily gives those tied to their cell phones easy accessibility to our church and all of our phone numbers. The ease of working with our website has improved tremendously. If a person can work with Microsoft Word, then, with ease, the website responds.

ChristianHost.org understands the importance of security in every website, even churches, and is extremely secure. ChristianHost.org understands the importance of connecting our churches to the cyber world in which both young and old are connected and helps this connection take place. ChristianHost.org knows the importance of the message we convey through the internet as Christians and facilitates messages in an easy way. The set up is simple… questions are answered quickly… support is always available… and security for your church is assured. I know you will be as pleased as we are.

Pastor Barbara Lemke, D.Min.
Bethel Lutheran Church