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CloudBuilderUltimate™ Plan

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Cloud Hosting:

… your website is served across our entire server infrastructure that powers millions of websites and pageviews per day. If your website is featured on the homepage of CNN.com, it won’t cause as much as a hiccup in the performance of your website…

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CloudBuilderUltimate™ Plan Features:

+ Unlimited pages
+ Unlimited Storage
+ Unlimited Bandwidth
+ Create and Manage Up To 10 Websites*
+ Website Builder (Content Management System, CMS):
– Real-time, drag-and-drop editor
+ Cloud Hosting:
– High availability & scalability
+ Content Delivery Network (CDN):
– Host your graphics, audio, and video
+ $24.95 per month

*Optional domain names, if desired, must be purchased separately.

Interactive Website Builder:

Our drag & drop website builder makes it dead simple to create a powerful, professional website without any technical skills required. …Content elements (like text, photos, maps, and videos) are added to your website by simply dragging & dropping them into place. Text is edited just like in a word processor. Building your website is done in real time, right from within your web browser. There’s absolutely nothing to install and no upgrades to worry about.

Detailed Plan Features and Benefits:

Over 100 Professional Themes
We offer over 100 professionally designed themes to choose from when deciding on the look for your website. Once you’ve chosen a theme, further customize the design by modifying the fonts, sizes, text colors, and more with our flexible point-and-click design options. If you’re familiar with HTML & CSS code, hop into our Advanced Theme Editor for full design flexibility.

20+ New Themes & 100+ Color Variations
It’s no secret that a great looking, professional theme is critical to your website and brand. When browsing through the new themes, you’ll notice a variety of styles ranging from beautifully graphical to classic minimalist. In addition, you’ll notice another cool feature: color variations! Just hover your mouse over the theme’s thumbnail to pick the color variation that works best for you.

Drag & Drop Uploading
We recently introduced the option to upload photos & files to your website just by dragging and dropping. Save time by dragging photos into the upload window or just drag & drop them directly into your website! When you drop multiple photos, we’ll ask if you want to create a photo gallery or slideshow. Currently, this feature is only supported by the Firefox and Chrome web browsers. Other browsers will still work correctly as before.

Expanded Selection of Web Fonts
Choosing the right font can be hard and it seems you can never have too many to pick from. With our expanded selection of web fonts, we’ve made it much easier to find that perfect choice. Browse through the new fonts in the “Design Options” area under the “Design” tab. These web fonts are automatically downloaded to your website visitor’s browser so they appear perfectly.

Page Layouts
Every page of your site does not need to share the same layout. All of our themes support four different layouts: a landing page, large header image, short header image, or no header image. This gives you greater flexibility and allows a more professional look. Choose a page layout from the “Pages” tab.

Social Media Icons & Phone Number Field
Every theme has the the option to include social media icons and a phone number field at the top of your website. The icons are designed to match the look & feel of each theme and provide an easy way to direct your visitors to your social profiles around the web.

Button Element
The button element is simple, but powerful. Drag it on, hover over it, choose the desired style, and set the destination link. Each theme has button styles designed to match its look and feel and all buttons have hover and pressed states.

Powerful Hosting
We are a rock-solid, web host. Every website is hosted by our datacenter redundant, cloud based hosting infrastructure. Your website lives in two data center locations across the United States to provide superior uptime, response time, and reliability compared to most any other hosting.

Fast & Helpful Support
If you have a question, we’re here to help. Our extensive Support Center has easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials containing screenshots and videos to make sure you’re able to quickly find answers to your questions. We understand that sometimes you’ll need one-on-one, personal assistance too. This is where many companies would leave you hanging, but we’re proud to offer fast, email-based support to all of our customers.

Easy Blogging
If you’ve used other blogging services, using our service should be quite refreshing! New posts are added to your blog using the same drag & drop interface that makes designing web pages easy and fun. It’s a breeze to include beautiful photo galleries, videos, audio clips, and other widgets. You have the flexibility to make the blog your website’s homepage, a sub-page in the menu, or even include multiple blogs on the same website.

Embed Objects From Google, YouTube, Etc.
For instance, you can publish one or more of your own Google calendars on your site by using the embed codes provided by Google. You can embed YouTube videos, too!

Photo Galleries & Slideshows
It’s easy to show off your photos in beautiful, professional photo galleries and slideshows. You select the photos to include and we’ll make them look great with transition effects, automatic resizing, and a wide selection of different display styles.

Video & Audio Players
When you upload video or audio files, we automatically convert them for playback directly from your website. This means that your website visitors won’t have to download your files and open a separate media player to watch or listen.

Easy Form Builder
Our drag & drop form builder makes it easy for you to collect information from your customers and friends. We have contact forms, RSVP forms, and surveys already pre-built, making it dead simple to gather comments, contact info, and responses from your website visitors. We even have a file drop box element that accepts documents, pictures, or other file uploads from your visitors.

Our form builder is flexible too. Customize a form by dragging and dropping new fields (such as text boxes, dropdown menus, and check boxes) into any configuration you need. When a form entry is submitted by a website visitor, you are emailed the details and the entry is also stored in your site’s dashboard for you to review or respond to later.

ImagePerfect Image Editor
We don’t mean to brag, but ImagePerfect is a feature that really sets us apart from the crowd. ImagePerfect is our fabulous image editing tool that makes it a breeze to crop, resize, fade, and layer your photos. With one click, you can add stunning photo effects and stylish border designs.

We built ImagePerfect directly into Weebly because we believe image editing should be a seamless part of the website building experience. Why should you be directed to a 3rd party service or need to load Photoshop to make basic edits? Well, now you don’t have to!

Detailed Traffic Stats
Easily track how many people visited your website, which pages they visited, what search terms they used to find your site, and which websites referred traffic to your site in the statistics tab of your site’s dashboard.

Your website statistics are calculated in real-time so you can keep a close eye on your data and traffic patterns. For even deeper insights into your website statistics, you can add Google Analytics tracking code as well.

Flexible Domain-Name Hosting
Your domain is the address where people find your website online. You can choose to publish your website to a free sub-domain of Weebly.com, register a new domain, or set up a domain you already own.

If you already own your domain, we’ll assist you in pointing it to work with your website. While many hosts charge a “custom domain mapping” or “domain hosting” fee for this service, we provide it for free.

No Forced Advertising
It’s simple – we don’t force advertising on your website. No banner advertisements, no pop-ups, no pop-unders – nothing! We understand that your website is your home on the Internet, and frankly, it would be awfully rude for someone to place ads on your home, so we don’t.

If you’d like to include your own advertising, feel free. We even have Google AdSense integration to help with the process. But rest assured knowing that we would never force our ads on your site.

Search Engine Optimized
We automatically setup your website to be well optimized for search engines through the use of sitemaps, automated pinging of new content, proper HTML formatting, and meta descriptions. More advanced search engine optimization settings are available as well, such as alt tags on images and page-specific descriptions. Sound confusing? Don’t worry – we have an easy-to-follow guide to help you get your website highly ranked in search results.

E-commerce Features
Build an online store and sell your products with Weebly. To add a product, just type the title, upload a picture, and name your price. Drag on text descriptions, pictures, and video to supplement the product listings. Associate the store with your PayPal or Google Checkout account, and just like that, you’re selling online! You can even accept donations.

You can also use embeddable links from other shopping cart systems, if needed.

Automatic Mobile Sites
With the fast growing number of people browsing the web with their mobile phones, it’s crucial to have a mobile friendly and accessible website. We create a mobile optimized version of your website automatically! The visitors that arrive to your website on a phone are shown the mobile version of your site, while visitors arriving to your website on a computer are shown the full website. You don’t have to do anything – it just works!

Full HTML/CSS Control
Power users have full control over the HTML and CSS used in the website theme. This means that you can completely customize the look and feel of the site, while also taking advantage of the drag & drop editor to create the website content. Our built-in theme editor provides you with a real-time preview of the changes made to the theme’s code.

HD Video Player
Our video element will automatically convert video files for perfect web playback. The player is completely unbranded, making it a significantly more professional option than hosting your videos on a site like YouTube. Our HTML5 video player provides full HD playback on web, mobile, and iPads and supports up 1GB files!

Customized Footers
Customize the footer of your website with your own content like Social Icons, Links, Logos, Contact Forms and pretty much anything else you like.

Site Search
Make it easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for by adding search to your site. The Search element can be drag-and-dropped to your site like any other element and a search bar can be activated in the Header area of your site next to the Social Icons

Header Slideshows
In addition to adding static banner images to the headers of your site’s pages. you can take this a big step further by turning those banners into full slideshows that include captions and the option to link each slide to other pages and content.

Audio Player
Upload and embed audio into your website in one easy step. The audio player element makes it incredibly easy to add music, podcasts, sermons or other audio files into your website for direct playback. It includes the option to auto-play the audio when the page is loaded.

Increased Size Limit for Uploaded Files
We have increased the allowed size dramatically to enable 250 MB files (and up to 1 GB for video).

Password Protection
Enable password protection to stop unauthorized visitors from seeing your website. You can require a password for your whole website, or just individual pages.

Ten Sites Per Account
Create and manage up to 10 different websites within your pro account. Each website in the account gets full access to all the features noted on this page. Note that if you want to register a new domain name (ie. www.example.com) for any of your websites, the standard registration fee still applies.

File Upload Field
You can add a “File Upload” field to any of your forms. This enables your site visitors to send you images, documents or whatever else when they submit the form to you.

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Note: This product does not include email hosting. If you desire email hosting, it is available as a separate product or you can choose one of our standard web hosting packages.